Reasons Why Going to the Beach is Good for You

When they consider their day at the 13, most folks smile. Why? Can the beach make us happy? Why do we sit and sometimes find ourselves longing for a sunny day full of sand between our toes as well as the sounds of seagulls and waves? Going to the beach is great for us, as it happens! That might be the very reason and it seems our bodies instinctively know this we feel that internal longing for surf, sand, and sun.

Do not believe it? Get ready because here are just two reasons visiting the 21, to visit Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Fort Morgan is great for you and may help you live a little bit healthier life.


Saltwater, such as that found at The Gulf of Mexico, is excellent for your skin. It’s full of minerals like sodium. These are some of the same ingredients within our everyday vitamins our organs crave so that it stands to reason so that our skin will love them, too! Saltwater helps with allergies. Many of us use saline nose sprays to assist with allergy symptoms. A swim in The Gulf is undeniably nicer compared to an allergy nasal spray any day. And did you know that swimming in water triggers temperature receptors and it can help release hormones? That is appropriate. It’s a widely accepted premise that cold water swimming can actually help boost your immune system by activating hormones and alleviate aches and pains. See: Cayman Island Watersports | Robert Soto’s Watersports in Grand Cayman


How much money have you spent on exfoliants on your feet and body in a bid to turn your skin softer and younger-looking? Why not just have a walk on the beach in Gulf Shores? Alabama has 32 miles of white beaches and shore sand is one of nature’s greatest exfoliants. For feet, it is perfect, since it’s somewhat rough for tender skin while we wouldn’t use on faces. It is super easy to exfoliate your toes on the shore, too. Go search for cubes. Yep! The sand is exfoliating your feet, as you treasure hunt along the sideline looking for the shells it is possible to place. The further you walk, the greater the exfoliation. It is like getting a foot spa treatment that ends with a fantastic small souvenir collection!


Tired of mind freeze? Staying and all the weather indoors all winter got you down? Well, head to the shore and breathe in the fresh salty atmosphere found at the seaside. Spending a lot of time inside during winter around power sources and devices may lead to a lot of positive ion vulnerability. Positive ions, despite their positive titles, aren’t favorable for our general health in any way. Instead, these small little positively charged nuclear particles are thought to have properties that could result in anxiety, breathing problem, irritability, and a general lack of energy. Negative ions, on the other hand, are located outdoors in clean air resources, such as in an Orange Beach sea wind or after rain on Lake Shelby. Negative ions may undo the effects of the counterparts that are positive. Negative ions boost your immune system, revitalize cell metabolism, and might help purify the blood. According to a study in the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, ions have been demonstrated to reverse the effects of seasonal affective disorder, also called SAD. Breathe in the salt air, so while you are at the shore. It is good for you! Robert Soto’s Watersports


Can you know your own body is a producer of Vitamin D? That is appropriate. When your body will get sunlight exposure, your skin uses the UVB rays to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is used through your body to support cardiovascular and lung health. It helps regulate insulin and helps strengthen bones and teeth. So while you looking for cubes, soak up some sun and encourage your body it needs. Keep in mind, though, that although our bodies need sunlight to encourage the manufacturing of Vitamin D, UVA and UVB rays can cause sunburn and may result in some cancers. Vulnerability moderation and sunscreen are key factors when soaking up rays. The CDC recommends prior to heading outside for long periods of time applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF15. Various studies have demonstrated that using sunscreen doesn’t cause a Vitamin D production lack, as it works hard for you so don’t forget to take care of your skin! Cayman Island Watersports | Robert Soto’s Watersports in Grand Cayman


Exercising anywhere is good. A lot of us don’t get enough exercise even though our doctors would like us to get our heart rates up a bit every day. The truth is. Because this does not look like the exercise we will walk on the beach, though. It is more of a shell hunting experience or sightseeing. As it occurs, walking or walking on the beach is a great exercise! Since the shore and goes under our feet as we run or walk we really burn off more calories than we do while walking or jogging on concrete. So exercising on the beach doesn’t seem like exercise at all then we might be getting someplace 25, and it is a work out that is much better. Who knew exercising could be so much fun? Click here to start your planning!


Have you ever noticed how easy it’s to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon on the shore? Or you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a fire engine or clap of thunder? Unless we think about how our mind processes noises, this does not appear to earn a good deal of sense. Whether we are awake or sleeping, our brains classify noises non-threatening or threatening. Even those pesky, thunder, and fire engine alarms we place each day are observed as noises. As soon as we hear them, even if we are in a profound sleep, then we wake up. We do, although we might not want to wake up. On the flip side, even that sound sea oats make when the breeze passes through, and that gentle lulling of this surf combined with the tunes of seagulls them are translated as non-threatening, even relaxing, sounds. These sounds encourage deep and sleep. The next time you find yourself drained from a long day at your office, but having a hard time falling asleep in your home, consider thinking about the noise of the surf and you may discover sleep comes somewhat easier. Plan a trip down and experience this first hand for yourself.